Particle parameters

 NASA MarsArtist's concept of InSight Lander on Mars. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Parameters at DUT position in Air
ParticleMimimum Energy MeVMax Energy MeVMax Current in uAMax Flux protons/(cm2-sec)
Protons 5.45*# 66.6**# 0.100 1.6 X 1010
Deuterons   40 0.100 1.6 X 1010
Alphas   60 0.100 8X 109








8 X 109

1 X 105

* This energy is achieved by degrading the 10.7 MeV cyclotron energy by 72.6um( 3 mils) Ta foil.

** This energy is achieved by degrading the 67.5 MeV cyclotron energy by 6.35um( 0.25 mils) Ta foil.

#Energy after Ta dispersion foil + SEEM(Al 101.6um) + Exit foil (127um Kapton) + air gap

By changing the Cyclotron Energy and the Ta foil thickness other energies can be obtained.

Neutrons are generated on a thick Beryllium target and have a broad spectrum from zero to max proton energy.