Rates for Cyclotron Beam Time 


Non-UC Customers  

Commercial Rate*: $1131/hour - Effective July 1st, 2022 


Government/University/Non-Profit Rate*: For information on this rate, please contact Linda Deering at lmdeering@ucdavis.edu or call (530)752-1460.


UC Customers

For current UC rates and terms, please contact Linda Deering at lmdeering@ucdavis.edu or call (530)752-1460



Crocker Nuclear Laboratory Terms and Conditions:

The minimum charge for a reservation is eight hours per day, which includes one hour for tuning plus seven hours of beam time. After the minimum per day is met, charges accrue in hour increments. In a case where three or more consecutive days are reserved, the last day may be a minimum of 4 hours.      

Cancellations within 10 business days of the first day of reserved use may be charged the full amount reserved.

Please Note that we are NOT OPEN on Weekends and Holidays 


*The Commercial and Government/University/Non-Profit Rates may vary annually as the NUD varies according to the UCD F&A Rate. 

* NUD, or Non University Differential assessment, refers to the facilities and administrative costs
of doing business incurred by the University to run and support the Crocker Nuclear Laboratory.
For details on the components of the NUD assessment, please refer to: